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ROBERT O. BOTHWELL, Principal Consultant, VISIONS REALIZED.  President Emeritus, Executive Director/President, Senior Fellow, National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, 1976-2002. Formerly staff at National Urban Coalition, Center for the Study of Public Policy, U.S. Conference of Mayors/National League of Cities, U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity and NASA and Columnist, Philanthropy in Europe magazine.

Author or publisher of over 30 reports on philanthropy, civil society, accountability, social justice and public policy. Led national movement creating "alternatives" to the United Way. Challenged foundations to reevaluate their grant making in light of conservative takeover of Congress/public policy. Initiated first public examinations of community foundations and their responsiveness to the disenfranchised, and of corporate grant making to racial/ethnic populations. Expanded disclosure of critical information by foundations and nonprofits to grant seekers and the public.

Clients have included:  Moscow School of Political Studies (Russia), Supporters of Civil Society in Russia, OMB Watch, Hon. John J. Callahan (National Association of Community Health Centers), Institute for America's Future, Center for Public Resources Development (Tokyo), Environmental Support Center, American Youth Work Center/Youth Today.


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